Custom style of the widget's title

Widget's title may be decorated freely. E.g. we can change font, size, colors, paddings, etc. Typically we define the font to match the one used on the page.


Custom text in the widget's title

The widget has default title, but it can be changed to any text specifically for the given store. We also support several languages and adapt the widget's locale to the language of the page.

Custom styled surrounding elements to match webstore's layout better

The widget can add HTML elements around itself. This can be useful when needed to add specific decorations to match the style of the page. E.g. horizontal dividers, outlines or frames.

White and Black themes of the widget

It's possible to use Black theme of the widget to match dark theme of the client website:

Horizontal and vertical layout of the widget

By default we use horizontal layout of the widget, but we can also provide vertical layout if needed. Though vertical layout has hard limit on the maximum number of videos we can display in it (typically 2-3).

Disabling "See More" button

It's possible to disable the button that expands the widget to show more videos. In this case widget can still show as much videos as will fit into the dedicated area, but no button.

Fixed width or responsive width

The widget is normally tries to occupy 100% of the element in which it's placed, but doesn't exceed 520 pixels usually to avoid too wide appearance. It's possible to either limit the width to any size, or to allow it to take any space. Optimal width is to fit three videos.

Widget can be disabled selectively on desktops, mobile or tablets

In some cases it may be undesirable to display Videoly on tablets or mobile. Our widget can be configured to be displayed selectively depending on the "platform" or even certain browser. E.g. we can disable the widget in Internet Explorer or all mobile browsers in the specific shop. This feature can be useful when customer wants to try Videoly on desktops only, or our widget doesn't work well on mobile, for example.