We can run a split test (A/B test) to identify the difference between two groups: users who can see the Videoly widget and users who can not. Since there is no other difference in conditions, the difference in conversion rates will demonstrate the value of the videos. Typically videos can improve the Add-to-Cart conversion rate by 10-30%, if the test is conducted properly.

A/B testing requires a few additional preparations from the Videoly team:

  • Products that are out of stock must be excluded from the test, as well as products that can't currently be purchased online (available soon, pre-order and other similar states).

  • The Videoly widget must be configured to wait for the product availability state to become available on the page. This is critical particularly for stores that only load this information after the page itself has been loaded.

  • Video content has to have been added to the products and the curation process should be complete. Otherwise, newly processed products will affect the number of visitors owing to the methodology with which visitors are calculated, and consequently results will be lower than in actuality.

We can also change the relative proportion of the groups, for example to a 60/40, 80/20 or 90/10 split instead of the default 50/50. This can be useful when a customer doesn't want to lose the benefits of videos during testing.