Shoppers - online visitors of our customers' web stores.

Customers - clients of Videoly Oy that are using the Videoly solution in their online stores.

Users - users of the MyVideoly content management system. Users are typically our customers' or partners' employees, or Videoly's own internal team members.

Data that Videoly collects from the Product Page

The Videoly Widget extracts and sends to the Videoly servers:

  1. Product title
  2. Product brand name
  3. Product ID
  4. SKU
  5. Category of the product (breadcrumbs)
  6. Stock availability
  7. Product Price and price currency (optional)
  8. Page language
  9. Clicks on the "Add-to-cart" button as events titled "ATC button clicked" – to measure the impact of videos on sales.

Data collected about Shoppers

As for our service, we don’t collect any personal data at all. Every shopper is considered an anonymous visitor to Videoly and is assigned a unique session ID. There is no way for us to trace the Session ID back to the real person or the household.

The information below we link to the anonymous Session ID:

  1. Browser name and browser version - This information is needed for better measurements and for identifying bugs related to specific browsers.
  2. Clicks on the "Add-to-cart" and "Add-to-wish list" buttons - With these clicks we can measure the impact of videos on sales.
  3. Country of the shopper - Videos may have a geographical restriction, so in order to hide videos that are not accessible from that country, we need to know the country of the shopper visiting the store.
  4. List of products the shopper visited in the web store with date stamps - For billing purposes we need to know which products were visited and which of these products had videos. Then we count the number of visitors.
  5. List of videos (provided by Videoly) that the shopper watched - We need to separate watchers from non-watchers in order to demonstrate the impact videos have on purchasing behaviour. 
  6. Width and height of the visible part of the product page - This information is needed to understand whether the Videoly widget was embedded above or below "the fold".

What Videoly does NOT collect

  1. Any Shoppers' personal information: emails, addresses, etc. Videoly has no access to any such information.
  2. Shoppers' information that can be used to identify a person or a household. Videoly does not even store the IP addresses of shoppers.
  3. Payment information. Videoly has no access to this.

Data collected about Customers

  • We collect business information for invoicing purposes, such as the company name, address, business ID and the relevant email addresses of the employees in contact with Videoly team.

Data collected about MyVideoly Users

  • Email addresses and names of the persons registered as users in the MyVideoly portal. These are typically work-related emails that Videoly has obtained from it's customers.
  • IP addresses may end up in the system's logs when Users are using the MyVideoly portal.
  • Date of the last sign in.
  • Total number of sign-ins.