Our widget gets some information about products, which is necessary for it to work. System needs to know product title and product id, because this data is used to search for the content. Extra information helps us to create our data more consistent.

If "Required"-box is checked, widget will not work unless selector gets some data. Rules, which are not required, won't affect performance of the widget, even if selector returns an empty value.


This is an optional field, which can be used to forbid our widget to work, by checking "Required" box and setting-up a selector, which return a value only on products, where Videoly widget is supposed to be shown (it can return some attributes of the items, which are applicable only to some special categories of products). Also, it is possible to put a random selector there, which will not return any value - it is a way to turn the widget off.


List of selectors to extract currency from the product page.


List of selectors to extract department of the store.


List of selectors to extract information about product group. It can be important, if product title contains product group name, which should be removed.


List of selectors to extract price of the product.


List of selectors to extract ID of the product (internal unique ID, which is used by particular store, if not available, SKU can be used instead).


List of selectors to extract product title. This field is mandatory.

Screenshot below illustrates, how product title can be extracted with the simple XPath-expression:

It is also possible to add multiple custom rules, if necessary.