Allow videos published between

This setting imposes a limit on the time, when the video has been published. For some categories of products it is important to use only the newest videos, since the manufacturer might update the product quite often, so videos are quickly loosing their relevancy. Videoly curation team always checks and makes sure, that only relevant and up-to-date videos are used, however some customers still want to avoid adding videos, which have been published after some certain period of time. 

Show videos on Out-of-Stock products

By default we show videos on products, even if they can't be purchased (exception is A/B-testing), because they can potentially increase conversion rate in future (when visitor watches videos and it strengthen his desire to purchase the product, when it becomes available, or to search for alternatives). Also, we are prioritising in-stock products during the curation process. However, some of our customers want to exclude videos from out-of-stock products, and this setting allows to hide content from such pages. 

Show videos that have negative sentiments about the product

By default we hide content where negative aspects of the product are mentioned, but, if needed, this type of video can be shown. 

Show videos made by

In our system we have two types of content: provided by manufacturers (MNF) and user-generated (UGC). By default we are showing videos from both categories, because our curation team makes sure, that Videoly is using relevant and high-quality content, even if video is filmed by regular user or video-blogger. This can significantly increase coverage. Some clients, however, want Videoly to show only content from manufacturers, and this setting allows to choose, videos with which origin will be presented.

Show videos in these languages

Videoly can show videos on multiple languages. In "General" tab "Default language of the store" is chosen, which usually is the main language of the page, but it is possible to add extra languages from this list, so that curation team will also add content on these languages.